Interview with Christian Waltz

what was your first musical experience? With pop or classical? I grew up with classical music, so that I can remember me best. My parents always turned classical music. Pop music you never heard with us. I only later in life certain artists discovered.What for example? Well believe it or not, but until recently I did not even know who The Beatles were … Only now I realize just what a genius ë n it actually were and how important they are for the development of pop music.When did you get started with writing songs yourself? On my 19th, I am now 26. In fact I made called classical music. I also experimented a lot with computers and synthesizers. I found it exciting to see what kind of musical beats you could make there all along.Relationship and music. Goes well together? So, Yes to me. My girlfriend knows me for a long time, also from the time before I was famous. They know very well what so \ ‘ n è re means and musical respects that carri. of her I know so sure they didn’t with me is because I’m a well-known musician.You are quite small (less than 1.70 meters). Have you ever seen as a problem? Used to be Yes, especially when I was in school. Then I was bullied quite often. Nowadays I have no problem with it. Look I now find no longer so important.

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Have your hobby’s outside of the music? I’m crazy about sport. In the past I have done a lot to Kung Fu, but at some point I found that beating no longer so much fun. Then I quit. Now do you find me often at the gym. Nice muscles growing h è!You have already scooped up quite some prices in Sweden: best artist, Best Producer and best composer. What’s next? Believe it or not, but I don’t give up so for all these prices, even though I find that recognition, of course, a great honour. Now at least I know that I make my music not only for myself and that ‘ real people listen to it.What does music than for you? I’m a musician in heart and soul. I stand with music on and I also go to bed. Morning, afternoon, evening …. I’m really all day with music. Writing songs is therefore for me never a big task. I have always one in my head.Your album is called \ ‘ \ ‘ Paint By Numbers. Is there still a certain philosophy behind? I would just say that music just sharing a large coloring page is, you only need to color in. Music is like painting a magical something. Sometimes you have lots of colors on paper and that are depending on your mood. Also with music is that a bit like that. When your music is the feeling you have there is very important. I would in any case like that every time my music and

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