Kane " " Live 05 DVD presentation

for the preview there was a short speech given by Harry and Harry (Martijn and Dennis). They also said that they had not yet seen the dvd itself. And wished all those present have fun while watching. Dinand was the big absentee of the evening.

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The dvd contains the recently given concert in Almere on the beach in front of 32,000 delirious fans. During the concert be understated songs such as Dreamer and Let it be interspersed with firmer numbers like Taurus and Where do I go now. Also, it is a mix of old, well-known songs with a host of new songs from the cd Fearless. A very good concert, what good is brought into the picture. Apart from the sometimes what to rapid image change my idea.

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The nice thing about a preview is that there is, of course, everything can go wrong. So was there not because there was a big file Dinand. The dvd got stuck, and faltered a few times, but this should matter. Could the fans even after a chat with the band members, and of course on the photo. For those who want to see Kane live this year: there are still some tickets available for the concerts in Ahoy. on 6 and 7 december www.ticketmaster.nl The dvd Live 05 is from 28 november for sale. The regular dvd includes the concert at Almere beach. The 2dvd still contains nine additional numbers and also has a feature of Almere

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