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This book is full of such examples and that reads a nice. The author, Elsie ditch, is educational and explains in the book from why they like about this subject wanted to write. During her studies (1968) in Rotterdam she came for the first time in contact with other cultures. Later she went to work at a child care in a Rotterdam District and was introduced to many Surinamese use. In 1980 gave Elsie older courses from the health centres and participants came from different cultures. Surinamese, Turks, Moroccans, Cape Verdeans, Brazilians and the Dutch came to her educational courses and exchanged experiences. During those meetings they learned a lot from each other. A Turkish mother told that her son did not want to sleep. Her mother-in-law who also came along, told that they found that to be a good mother to her child in bed to get to lay down to sleep. Because they are in relation to well below the mother-in-law was, she had to obey.

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The book starts off pretty slow. There is too much attention paid to for words and an introduction (30 pages) and that’s too bad. Because the book fold is SIN! The book is intended primarily for young parents who in Netherlands are raised in an immigrant family, but also interesting for other young parents. Parenting advice in this book are quite common in nature but often focus on a particular cultural difference. As a Turkish mother that Elsie told that fat children in Turkey are a sign of prosperity. Although she (and the consultation Office) was content with the weight of her child, her family found the child to be skinny.

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‘ consists of a number of parts: Toddlers, School child (4-12) Adolescents (from 12 yrs.) and reads a nice. No read, of course, but it is a handy reference book and a nice manual  book: & # 039; We & # 039; knows no color Elsie Ditch reaches practical and level-headed solutions and is always positive. As they are already in its preface wrote: ‘ There is so often spoken and written about negative parenting qualities of parents and in particular those of immigrant parents, that I want to hear a different sound ‘. Do they certainly with this book! We \ ‘ \ ‘ knows no color-parenting in two cultures by: Elsie Closed Publishing House.: SWP ISBN 9066656727 list price: EUR 19.50

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