Desperate Housewives-behind closed doors.

Although the series only on 3 October 2004 for the first time, appeared on television, the idea for the series for years. When Marc Cherry with his mother to the trial of Andrea Yates was watching, he suddenly got the idea to make a series about desperate housewives. The original script of the pilot, which was written in the summer of 2002, was much longer than the final shooting script and included other character names, many sc è nes that were never recorded and never momneten that the viewers got to see. With that version of the pilot came Marc Cherry at Paradigm, where they found the script very well, but said: ” you should emphasize more the soap element ” . They brought him into contact with Charles Pratt, é n é of the directors of Housewives, which encouraged the script and found great mystery in the Cherry story lines further by Mike and Mary Alice a secret and to increase the drama in the Young family. He did and the subsequent version was bought by ABC. The rest is housewives history. In the book’s Desperate Housewives-behind closed doors \ ‘, the full original script of the first pilot of 25 August 2002, to read. There are fun facts credited by Marc Cherry himself: \ ‘ We have named Mary Alice Scott changed to Mary Alice Young, because we got no permission for the name of our lawyers. If more than three people in the country have that name, there is no problem, but if it is less, you may not use that name. And apparently there was but é é n \ ‘ Mary Alice Scott in the country. \ ‘ Than Solis is a former roommate and a good friend of mine for years. We got to know each other when I was in the twenties. He was my roommate for eight years. One day he said something about Mexican and I looked at him and said: \ ‘ O, are you Mexican? \ ‘ since I had never stood still. Then I realized that someone who is your equal cultural and economically, no matter what race he is. Then think it’s great that I have used that name in the series, because people are now starting to finally learn how to pronounce his name. \ ‘ \ ‘ James Denton and Teri Hatcher have never read together at the auditions. I held my breath if it would click between the two. You could see right away that they were perverts and fun couple, but only when she went to play together, it became clear that something in their relationship was what of the screen afspatte. The fans responded from the beginning exactly as we wanted. The public wanted to see those two together and that’s important if you want to show a romantic story line. \ ‘ are you curious and do you want to know much more and read about \ \ ‘ Desperate Housewives ‘? The above text is reflected in the book behind closed doors \ – \ ‘ Desperate Housewives ‘. This book is full of facts, facts, background information and beautiful full color photo’s about the series.Image removed by redactieDesperate Housewives-behind closed doors. ISBN 90-229-9168-7 17.95 a.W. Bruna

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