Beth a specially

For the record: the above story is not true. But it is typical myth. Beth a stories are funny, horrible or weird stories that people to each other as \ ‘ \ ‘ sell, but mostly true story may not be true. In his book Ben Patrick has special Abc most strange stories he could find, bundled. The booklet combines Golden old Beth a stories, with new stories. So is the story of the robbed thief named (the thief who wanted to steal someone’s chain in the bus, but those of his own necklace was robbing) and we are informed of a Romanian couple who named their son Yahoo has (to the internet search engine). However, the booklet offers not only a collection of weird stories, but also gives after each story whether this true or not true. In addition, it gives Beth a special also some interesting additional information about these types of stories: it is told where you can recognize a myth, where they come from and how they have adapted to the modern information society.Beth a special is no overwhelming read book, but is also not as intended. It’s a funny (and sometimes gruesome) booklet that tells amusing stories. So it is not a book you afternoons deals, but a perfect toilet to have, for example, on the booklet, so you can read é é n story every time.Patrick Abd-Beth a SpeciaalUitgeverij AW Bruna

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