Desperate Housewives-Wisteria Lane

Walsh asked Cherry to write a background for each character, to assist him in developing their living environment. ” I gave him a laundry list of attributes, ” said Walsh, ” such as age, religion, occupation and income and asked him to fill in for each character. Once we knew who these people were, could all episodes – costume, locations, set, start thinking about how we could make clear the differences between the characters ” . When he considered Colonial Street as a location for Wisteria Lane to start using, provided for production Designer Thomas h. Walsh problems, he knows yet. ” It’s a real Street from an American suburb, but he’s not quite right. It is a sugar sweet smorgasbord of American architecture. There’s a little Craftsman in, a little touch of Victorian style and what ranch style. The street is a strange collection of buildings from different parts of the country, but where we as a culture have grown up so bad. ” When he went the set designs, wanted Thomas h. Walsh that the different interiors were clearly recognizable, because the editingstyle of the series so quickly was that the viewers had to directly see where they were. ” Switching constantly between four lives ” , says Walsh, ” so in order to distinguish the living environments, we had to give any interior a strong identity that represents ” the main characters in color and style.

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Although all the standards and values of the 1950s interiors reflect Walsh and his team, make sure they look realistic and modern looking. ” We didn’t want the style so far from real life divergent that it a life of its own was going to lead. Everyone must feel comfortable with ” . Wisteria Lane. We would the street easy a little spooky, but that we wanted to avoid, because we wanted to express our own stamp on too much. It is our task to support the script. They try Wisteria Lane somewhere between the real world and a fantasy world in to levitate. On the license plates of all car’s State such as \ ‘ The Eagle State \ ‘, as a reference to America. ” But we don’t know exactly where we are ” . says Walsh. ” We are not right, we are not links, we are actually a little in between. We sit somewhere in the middle of the soul of America ” . View here the movie about Wisteria Lane and more!

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