Desperate Housewives-Production Nightmares

Although it is a comedy series is, is Desperate Housewives on another way than other comedy series, where usually a fixed stage with audience and multiple cameras are used. Here is just like a movie but é é n camera used, which takes more time. Directors Tom Spezialy and Michael Edelstein supervise every stage of the production process. They ensure that all goes smoothly and fix any issues sc è nes that pop up at the last minute. ‘ I have both financial ë le as creative tasks, which have to do with writing, the recording and post production, ” says Edelstein. ‘ With every episode should hundreds of decisions. There are thousands of feet movie and you need to decide what you used. ‘ the production schedule of each episode takes about three weeks for a week for the preparations, a week for shots and a week for cutting and assembling. There is some eight days included twelve to fourteen hours a day. That is for everyone quite heavy, but necessary, because each episode consists of about sixty sc è nes.

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The entire production process takes place in several steps. Writing is the first step, and often happened that for months before the actors are asked to make. Then comes a casting for guest star and also the clothing is sorted out, the locations and props will be sorted out and, where necessary, specially made. A recording day begins in the makeup trailer. There players can also practice their texts here and relax. The Director supervises the production and runs each sc è ne with the cast on. The two Directors of Photography filming the episode on a 35 mm film with three perforations, which gives the specific style the filmed material where the series is known for. All the shots of the day are sent to the editor, which the important task have the best version of each take to find out. A day or two after the editors have made a montage, the Director called a directors cut. That directors cut is to the producers returned. There are some moments in this montage cut out so as to fit in é é n hours of television time. When the episode all set is provided the composer along with the producers where the music should come. When producers have given their approval does one look at the studio’s Touchstone Television. After watching ABC there one more time to. Sometimes there must be changed, sometimes it’s è nes sc all in good é é n times, and only then is the episode ready for broadcast.

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