Desperate Housewives-Dressing Wisteria Lane

Wisteria Lane is actually Colonial Street from Universal Studios. Colonial Street is part of a number of streets, which Universal used for feature films and TV series. Thus, for example, from Colonial Street on River Street. This was the first street from Universal and has been around since 1946 and is seen in several films and series. Doris Day as the only person ever used, so all the houses in this street for her films. Colonial Street was also used for the film Gremlins \ ‘ \ ‘ in 1984. The House of Carlos and Gabrielle Solis was used for \ ‘ Harvey \ ‘, a feature film from 1950 with James Stewart, home of the camp for the TV series \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Huize Mayer for Providence Deep Impact \ ‘, a feature film from 1998. Especially for Desperate Housewives got the houses turn a great painter. By the success of Desperate Housewives are now also four houses converted. Before Desperate Housewives there filmed and became a success, the houses appeared only on the outside on a House. Now there are four houses decorated as a film set. And so, for example, that when you get to the family of the camp to walk in, you’re in the bathroom of the crew ends up and if you are the House of the family Young step, you run the living room of the family of the Camp inside. Watch the movie for more secrets …

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