Desperate Housewives-Inspiration for the show.

that was for which he co-wrote with his mother to the process of Andrea Yates looked. He was shocked that Andrea Yates, a young mother, had murdered her five children out of desperation by drowning in the bathtub. Everyone wondered how this, on the eye, very loving mother could have done something terrible to her five children. Marc Cherry spoke about that with his mother. His mother told him that they too had become desperate and sometimes distressing hit of always working (home) but the perfect wife and mother should be. They, too, had tried to get it all to have to swallow pills. GE ï Marc Cherry got its stories, inspired by the realization that probably every woman in her life once on the point of irrational, outdoor phrases and desperate. The idea to create a series on desperate housewives, was born. A few months later, he wrote the script for the pilot of Desperate Housewives. In the series he himself has also details on events from his own family processed. On 3 October 2004 appeared Desperate Housewives for the first time on television. The rest is housewife history.

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