Book: Ritselingen

Bob lives with his father, a lumberjack, deep in the Woods. One day, he tells his father that he so like a deer would like to have. To comply with the wish of his son turns the Logman in the help of an old woman who lives on the other side of the forest. She stands in the nearby town known as a witch because she lives in the forest for years retired. The knowledge she has about all plants and animals from the forest is for years through the various generations of women from her family passed. But now she is dying and there is no one to whom they can carry her knowledge about. In return she asks the woodcutter to listen to her story. This story of the old woman brings in both of them many memories and slowly comes a dark concealed family history to top that allows for a lot of confusion and grief. Ritselingen has a long time on my bedside table located because I came through it, maybe there just isn’t an apparent feeling for many. If I é n this book in é sense to describe I’d say it’s a soap is wrapped in a fairy tale. All ingredients are processed in patients of a soap ë this book like love, lust, grief and hatred. But the story is told from a magical perspective and this I find a bit confusing. Reading is for me relaxation and that’s me with reading this book unfortunately did not succeed.

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Michael Frijda Ritselingen Podium publishers b.v Genre: Literary novel, short story price: € 19.50 ISBN: 9057591073

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