DVD: Michael Bublé-Caught in the act

the concert was recorded earlier this year at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. A beautiful theater in art-deco style, ideally suited for such action. é Bubl, who in his early years by his grandfather was brought into contact with the music of such greats as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, takes his audience back to that time. Of course lack known songs as \ ‘ Feeling good ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, Sway, \ Fever \ ‘ \ ‘ and I’ve got you under my skin’s not on the setlist. But also its own number \ ‘ Home \ ‘, that was a big hit worldwide, comes over and he sings the duet \ ‘ you’ll never find another love like mine \ ‘ with Laura Pausini, who became known in Netherlands with \ ‘ \ ‘ La solitudine. In addition, singer Josh Groban as surprise along. I myself have had all his album It’s time for quite a while in the House, but to be fair, I must confess that that very little has been in my CD player. I was already convinced of my purchase – witness – Bubl é ‘s singer, but also highlights how much gets me while watching the man is a great entertainer. He knows the 8000 attendees from the beginning to win for itself, in which he looks for regular contact with the public. In addition, Bubl é has a great sense of humor, which he also regularly let brands by the spot in a fun way with to drive himself. As a bonus, the DVD offers the material number \ ‘ \ ‘, Song for you what Chris Botti, Bubl é sings with a gifted American trumpet player. There is also a behind the scenes look at the preparations, in which he praised about his musicians and above all enjoy what he does. It is clear that the é n é large group of friends and that there is a mutual atmosphere is fine. There is also a bonus CD attached with eight numbers, submitted by this concert. As far as I am concerned is the DVD definitely recommended, especially now that the winter days again come. Good on the couch with a big pot of tea, booklet and music in the background. Although you can simply lie look … For two hours you will be included in the world of é Bubl, which it itself to describe know best: ” it’s a testament to this music, it is open to everyone. That’s my hope, that I can make music for everyone. I feel an urge and responsibility to entertain and to be able to make my audience part of the show. And things to mention, at least two hours in which they don’t think to problems they have at home. I don’t want them thinking about money and accounts or problems with their car or that their aunt in the hospital. I think they have to be transported to another place and that is my great responsibility. ” I couldn’t agree more …Image removed by editors Michael Bubl é – Caught in the act see also the report of his Reprise Records occur in the HMH.

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