Desperate Housewives-Teri and Nicollettes Auditions

Marc Cairns wrote the role of Susan Mayer actually for someone else, Mary Louise Parker confesses of \ ‘ \ ‘ The West Wing. But they hit this role. Cherry went on with the auditions and it was visited by many great names on to trial to read. Many of these people did like it, but no one really got to pack the contents of the role. According to Marc Cherry, was Teri Hatcher became at each audition better, up to the point where all they did wrong. From that moment on was the role for her. Teri Hatcher itself, says about the auditions the following: \ ‘ I read the pilot during a girls weekend in Arizona. When I had the script, I called my manager Eli and said: this is the best I ever read. I have to play Susan! If necessary, I’ll go with coffee around on the set if I thereby with a brilliant writer can work. And here I am. It is unbelievable that I within one year since my offer to donate coffee on the set have brought to winning a Golden Globe for my role in this series. \ ‘ Teri Hatcher auditioned for the role where they got. Nicollette Sheridan, who plays Edie Britt in the series, did initially auditioned for the role of Bree van de Kamp.

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Nicollette Sheridan says the following: \ ‘ I read the pilot of desperate Housewives and found him great. He was exceedingly funny, very human, different and above all extremely entertaining. I would read the role of Bree. I found her an interesting complicated, nightmare and thought: If this series seven years running, I get very probably regret as hairs on my head with this role. But if it’s the only role in which they see me, then I read him though. \ ‘ \ ‘ I did the audition, but not with conviction because I was dressed in a suit that Bree would never wear. It was a beautiful white pantsuit by John é, with a low neckline. I read so for Bree and when I was done, said the Director: \ ‘ no, no, no. \ ” I said: Pardon? No, no, no? What do you mean to them? And he said: \ ‘ I see you rather as Edie. Would you mind to find such a type to play? \ ‘ I went out, made a few buttons of my jacket loosely, brushed my hair, came back and read Edie. Everyone was laughing, because it was immediately clear. I said: \ ” I come in as a brave mother with two little children and go away as a slut. \ ‘ \ ‘ initially would Edie actually not that big a role in the series play. The role of Edie was conceived as a small, every now and then returning back, role. But when Nicollette Sheridan, a familiar face on television, wanted to do to the series, the role was much larger. Since I had luck with it. Sometimes the casting gods with you and sometimes not. In this case, the casting gods us particularly mirthful. \ ‘ said Marc Cherry.

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