Desperate Housewives-Working with Eva Longoria.

Marc Cerry said he exactly knew what he had when he cast me for Gabrielle was looking for and he said: \ ‘ you were the first who auditioned for Gabrielle did and from then on it was just less \ ‘ \ ‘ Gabrielle is exactly my polar opposite, which is always fun to play. She is very challenging, because they know no moral greenzen. She does not live according to certain code, she is a bad wife, she has no children and she is pretty selfish ego ï. As an actress, it is very nice to have someone to play with so many sides. I find myself less selfish than Gabrielle. And I’m a real family man. I would dearly love kids like \ ‘. \ ” I do not believe that Gabrielle is really bad. I think they just confused and tries to find happiness in a wrong way. She is a great character, but when the series started I thought: Oh no, everyone will get a great hate this woman. But luckly everyone its a lot of fun and I am happy with it. \ ‘ Who in any case very very happy with Eva Longoria, are her fellow players. Watch the movie and see how much fun they have together on the set.

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