DVD: Desperate Housewives-the complete first season

On six DVD’s é of genuine fans can again look back at their own convenience all episodes. The story – it will for most known – begins with the suicide of Mary Alice Young, the fifth neighbor. And that in Wisteria Lane, where everything just t é seems perfect: beautiful homes, beautiful people, model families and always blooming flowers. No one seems to know why she has deprived himself of life, but it soon becomes clear that there is a big mystery around her death hangs. In the course of the season are a lot of secrets unraveled, which make a lot of things a lot clearer. In addition to all 23 episodes offers the box many touches. Marc Cherry gives a spoken explanation of his favorite episodes, there are bloopers from the set to see, have never met nes television sc è and there is also a special short \ ‘ \ ‘ to see episode, in which Oprah Winfrey herself the new neighbor is. Though that but for short duration … Be further revealed some secrets of Wisteria Lane and there is a behind the scenes look, in which Cherry revealed that the series actually thanks to his mother. And what characters are on his own family of application? Also in Netherlands knows the series many loyal supporters, who on Tuesday night for the tube nest. For them, the DVD-box of course a ‘ must have \ ‘ in the collection. Nice to watch each other during a evening with girlfriends, all men of course also may join! DVD: Desperate Housewives-the complete first season – Desperate Housewives the complete first season Buena Vista Home Entertainment

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