Interview with Nathan Fillion

what was it after the tv series now in the film \ ‘ \ ‘ Serenity to play? To start we had a lot more time at our disposal. For the tv series we had eight days of work in a broadcast by an hour stop. For the making of the film we had three months. The tv series was a flop. Weren’t you surprised when you asked for the movie? It was for me a big disappointment when the series was broken down. I then learned that you never over-eager to a role. It can be a great success ó ó f f a giant flop. Of course I was very happy when I heard that the series was made into a film. That, of course, I had never expected. Actually we have very much due to our fans. Thanks to them was the dvd of Firefly \ ‘ \ ‘ a great success and was also the plan created for the film.How was it to Malcolm to play? I thought it was a fine character to do. He’s meaner than Solo in the series was, but on the other hand he has a sensitive side. His family, the people on the ship so, are very important to him and he does everything there for. Feel Serenity as a kind of revenge to the makers of the tv series matter? A small bit though yeah … I see it as rehabilitation to everyone who was concerned at Firefly. When the series was stopped was that for all of us a big disappointment. Finally, you put your heart and soul into such a project.

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Picture Tirtha RaiA lot has changed to the character that you play? It’s been a while back that the series stopped. Meanwhile, two crew members quit their jobs. Malcolm is lost and that many hits him though. See him as a broken, depressed man with a lot of anger in itself. Nothing can actually cares about him more.You can follow the storyline as you have never seen the series? No, because it is explained briefly in the beginning. As the movie progresses, you learn to know the characters one by one. After all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place.How was it to work with Joss Whedon? A big challenge! He has given me the opportunity to show you how a series carries. It started with a role in the last series of Buffy. In it I could already show that I could play a good creep.When I then got the lead role in Serenity I had something like: and now I have the chance to prove me é cht. Let’s hope it also so skip on the public.What role you would never accept it? A stereotype role. I got an offer ever for playing a surfer in such a typical surf film. Since I have so for thanks. Before you know it you’ll be seen as a stereotypical actor and you just get that kind of roles. I have so for the honor thanks.What is the most important thing you learned from Serinity? That dreams come true. You should never give up, even if things are not going well. I am now proud to have my name on the poster. Then I think that you have keep reached!

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