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few days back you had the interview with Nathan Fillion. Now it’s time for the chat with Summer Glau…What do you like most about your character River Tam? She is very contradictory. On the one hand she is aggressive, on the other hand also very fragile. Overnight, they can turn and that was pretty challenging to play. The role was quite a challenge for me.Did you have to study much for? No, not so much. I could draw for a lot from my childhood. At school I was a loner, a girl who prefer in itself was. I lived in my own little world. Dancing was my passion, I couldn’t really are working day and night.Why are you there at the time, stopped doing then? Because I broke my toe. Because I just could not leave the dance I went through. Really stupid, because I hit later permanently injured my ankle. Then I had to really finally stop dancing. And when you went but acting…? No, that did not just happen. It has always been a dream of mine to become an actress. As a small child I did all simple plays. And that while I have a super shy girl …

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did you have to learn a lot of extra things for the movie Serenity? How about martial arts! That do I really have to learn. And it’s a really tough sport. In the beginning it wanted but not work. There were times when I really wanted to quit.You still have something to your dancing skills had? Dance is much faster and smoother movements. Where I had a lot to was the stamina that you need at dans. But otherwise it was just from the beginning.What is your favorite actor or actress in the movie? That’s Sean Maher (Simon). He is smart, beautiful and also very nice. During filming, he was always there for me. He makes a lot of emotion in me. That made it easier for me to do the sc è nes.What role would you love to play in the future? A role in a film as Jane Eyre or Pride & Super romantic role, so a Prejuidice. There I would be able to go all the way in on.What is the most important thing you learned of Serenity? That you should never give up. I’ve had quite difficult during the shoot of the film. I often have to give up especially by the vechtsc è nes. Now I know that I not have to sit down. Everything will end up quite right.Please read the interview with Nathan Fillion

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