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The Polar Express

a guy who believes in Santa Claus comes in a fantasy trip to the North Pole visit a magical train. There he will meet Santa Claus persoonllijk, along with several other children. A sweet story and not a true Christmas classic. For children a nice DVD. Adults will may quickly get bored with this DVD. The Special Edition of the DVD, however, contains a lot of extra’s, which it also for adults still interesting. See also the website for trailers and information.Image removed by redactieChristmas with the Kranks based on the bestselling novel by John Grisham. Luther and Nora Krank have their whole life wedding Christmas celebrated but now their daughter Blair as a volunteer of the peace corps in Peru, wait the Kranks this year a lonely Christmas. One evening sees Luther a poster in a travel agency and imagines how Nora and he make a cruise in the sunny Cara ï am. Nora is soon won over by the idea, but the neighbors are frankly shocked. To make matters worse, Luther refuses to make this year’s Christmas decorations, for which the street is renowned. The bickering between the Kranks soon and their neighbors escalates and threatens to spoil the whole Christmas spirit thoroughly. And then the Kranks unexpectedly get a phone call from Blair. She comes home for Christmas anyway. Now rest their still only 24 hours to themselves and all the neighbors to get back into a real Christmas mood. Christmas with the Kranks is just a nice airy, mind to zero, comedy. Sometimes what against the gentle, but take it all with a grain of salt and you have quite a nice Christmas movie without heavy story. See the official website.Image removed by redactieDisney’s favorite Christmas experience the fun and laugh with Mickey, Goofy and their boyfriends when they bring the House into Christmas spirit. The fun is non-stop further as chip and Dale the against Donald Duck in a short hilarious Christmas story. ” Toy Tinkers ” Cruella, ” Santa ” and give a new twist to the 101 playing basketball, a beloved Christmas classic. Enjoy together with the whole family of these movies and many others in this wondrous winter collection. Disney does it just always good, both children and adults. Especially classics like Mickey, Donald, Goofy etc go in there at all. Fun stories that are not too long to continue to fascinate children. Cruella \ ‘ \ ‘ Santa is also very nice. Cruella DeVil, known by the 101 Dalmati ë rs, has been featured in this mini movie, based on the old Scrooge story. She is, as always, insufferable and unsympathetic. But then, she is visited by the three Dalmati ë r-Christmas spirits and see them in why they are so does. Highly recommended to keep the little ones sweet during Christmas (and thereafter).Image removed by redactieBob the Builder; Snowed in On the é n é way seems to be favourite Bob the Builder especially among small boys. In this brand new, extra long winter special trips Bob and his team to the Winter Games in the winter village of Bobbelsberg. They go there to build a log cabin for the Mayor from the village of Bob, but then makes a major snow storm sure the machines that would build, not the Winter Games on time. Fortunately, Bob and his team ” make everything ” , and they take the challenge to Bobbelsberg ready for the Winter Games. The nice thing about this DVD is that it has never previously on TV broadcast is. So has your little one all the Bobs all seen on TV? This has he (or she) certainly haven’t seen! Accounted for 55 minutes viewing pleasure. Well and or!Image removed by editors Baby Einstein; Baby Santa Baby Santa Claus is very suitable for the little ones at home. Baby Santa’s music box celebrates on cheerful way Christmas party with you and your child. The little ones will be fascinated by bright lights, ornaments, sleigh bells, happy children and of course by Santa Claus. All this beautiful winter scenes are accompanied by appropriate Christmas music from all over the world and by classical compositions of some of the world’s most famous musicians, such as \ Tchaikovsky, Mozart and trade. Yet another success for little ones from 0 to 3 years. The beautiful colors and cheerful music to captivate the little ones know time and time again. Of course these DVD’s not only fun to watch, but is also fun

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