Shall we dance?

John’s fascination for the mysterious dance instructor Paulina (Jennifer Lopez) is maintained, but little by little he discovers that he does not fall in love with her, but on the dancing itself. He is happier and more spontaneous, and is less stuck in his daily grind. A wonderful display that this beautiful, sc è ne is that, where he single-handedly on a deserted platform ronddanst.

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The main characters in this film, need no further introduction. Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon, interpret, every man for himself, their role with verve, in this American remake of the original Japanese film (1996). The theme of this American version of Shall we dance? \ ‘ \ ‘ revolves around a seemingly perfect life, in which a loss is experienced and the quest for the implementation. The comic sc è nes in the story, did, for me personally, what affect the story. Some sc è nes are frantically funny \ ‘ \ ‘ for my taste. In the supporting roles are the characters sometimes exaggerated put down, making the story what unreal feel. If not been updating, there are the danssc è nes with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. The sc è ne in which they put together a tango, on the eve of a dance contest, I find absolutely the highlight from the movie! In this screen the passion varicose! I would have liked to seen such sc …

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on the DVD that is available since 1 december, of course, bonus material. It includes an explanation of the Director of the film, a behind the scenes look at the filming of \ ‘ Shall we dance? \ ‘ and unused film material. There is, of course, attention to the musical score in this film, such as the music video with the song \ ‘ \ ‘ Sway that performed by the Pussycat Dolls.

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My conclusion after seeing this DVD: for those who love a good story, speed, voltage and rest me to be fair but é n é advice: don’t bother. But for the true dance lovers é n for those who keep a real feelgood movie \ ‘ \ ‘ is this DVD worth the trouble of watching for sure. (AL)

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