Ten years younger

No, I’m not at the beautician or plastic surgeon é has already recently been. l’Or a product in the range that you just at home you can fill in wrinkles. Botox without scary syringe. At least, since it seems to me The Collagen Filler is a cr è. you make me as a day-and nachtcr è and coming from within your wrinkles fills up. In the cr collagen biospheres \ ‘ \ ‘ è me, that after contact with the water in the skin take up to nine times their volume. Swell so. That is responsible, a product that í n the skin gets bigger? l \ ‘ Or é suggests so. It is a question of \ ‘ \ ‘ recordable and biodegradable natural complexes. Who reads superficially thinks it comes to \ ‘ \ ‘ natural substances; What, however, is that the substances naturally biodegradable. That is quite a bit different.

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Within an hour of use according to the package insert the wrinkles faded, and after a week they are filled up and you see them hardly still. Now I have fortunately not so much sit on my forehead wrinkles, but there are a few that are already quite a few years go along and I think fairly persistent. Doping so. Especially d á á r. after an hour I see really no difference. So I wait a few days – you have such a cr è me though the time – and look again good. Nothing. Itself at least I can see no difference and I think others also do not. Accolades continue to (unfortunately) out. Than the peelingkit but a try. You had until recently for a facial peeling to the dermatologist or aesthetician; Now you can do this treatment at home, thanks to the ô me to Resurface Peel of Lanc. It is literally a peeling peeling off of the superficial layers of the skin. Dead skin cells are removed and a fresh, glowing skin appears, is the promise. The peelingkit – \ ‘ \ ‘ because it is a kit set products – claims at all to be safe. That he is probably too, provided you have no problem skin. So no extremely sensitive skin or a skin disease. Though the producer recommends to first to do a test. Because although the kit extended on allergic reactions has been tested (and approved) is a overgevoeligheidreactie of the skin never quite shut out.

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Put your courage to the test I gloriously – my skin does not respond to the little bit of cr è me that I have made on the inside of my elbow – and I decide to start with the real work. I run twice a week for a month a beauty ritueeltje from: first with the special cleaning wipes my face, then with a tassel è me the peelingcr apply to face and neck, five minutes let it sit and then remove it with wipes and lukewarm water. Finally, I apply the special è me to verzorgingscr. Believe me or not, but now I do see result. And rather quickly too. See my skin look more radiant after just two treatments from. I really feel that it works. The evidence? I now get compliments! Or would it still by those longer nights come …? l’Or é al: Collagen Filler. ± € ô me to Resurface Peel: Lanc 20.00. ± € 150.00

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