Hardsoul ' s ' s CD3 Release Party

Thursday 1 december: Club Monza, Utrecht the mega-long line for Club Monza promised a busy first Release Party! Many braved the cold and were patiently waiting to be allowed inside. Software engineer, a Hard soul CD Release Party with an entrance-amount of only € 4,-in a student town attracts enough visitors Yes. Unlike the gastenlijstrij moved the paying was reasonably fast on and within 15 minutes we were inside!

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While the public turned DJ Jeroenski, also within, flowed from the stables of Beyond Bookings, things to each other. Within no time, the dance floor is full; one had d \ ‘ r really looking forward to it! Roog’s fans were of course present in large numbers; they were recognizable by the hardsoul Pressing shirts. At 1 pm the music fell silent and was Roog announced by the XBox-sponsored, which also gave him an XBox gift. And when the Party really could erupt! And a party was for sure! In each number there is a loud cheers went up and took to the air in little hands. Everywhere you looked there were people dancing: on the boxes, on stages around the dance floor, on the benches and also went on the mezzanine above you loose! MC Gee announced at some point American recording artist CeCe Peniston, who with her powerful voice Roog’s music was performed.

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XBox green light-sticks were handed out by XBox-ladies. Everyone had at some point so \ ‘ n stick in the hands, which lit up in the very nice room. ” Put your hands up in the air ” screamed MC Gee and the whole room gave there answered. All those little hands with green lights in the sky! That was really an amazing sight! Everybody remained still until after mid-3 run. I heard that some one and a half to two hours outside in the row have been waiting for to which to to enter! But once inside at the frenzied public, the wonderful music and a dancing Roog showed it all to have been worth the wait and was sure the long wait in the cold soon forget! All in all, the atmosphere was one to get by a ring. Cosy, friendly and also very exuberant and Roog was visible to enjoy! How could it be otherwise: your own cd release in your hometown, surrounded by fans, family & friends! What do you want to be the dj still over? Nothing anyway!? Beyond Bookings DJ Born to Funk closed the evening blast off! He managed even to until the very end to keep the people on the dance floor, and d à t on a Thursday night … er … Friday morning!  Hardsoul & # 039; s CD3 Release Party & # 039; s 6 hours we were only in the morning at home. \ Tired but very satisfied and we decided right away but to also to Release Party Friday night 2 in Panama to go Club!

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Friday 2 december: Club Panama, Amsterdam In contrast to Club Monza was there this time no row for Panama, and as early as we were not even! Miraculous… It was the first Friday of the month and then there is normally an edition of Funk \ ‘D, where Roog is also resident of. So in cooperation with them was this CD Release Party hosted.

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In the main hall was once again warm to run Jeroenski. It wasn’t really busy, so it was the first time a round of acquaintances greetings. Little by little one nice and flowed, is finally on the dance floor. However, the real atmosphere remained out, so we went with z \ ‘ n all to the small Hall where hardsoul’s Greg had to run along with the Funk \ ‘D resident dj L é on. Other than in the main hall became there delicious old R & B, funk & soul turned. There was very busy and there was lots of dancing. It was just there in those è cht cosy small Hall!

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In the main room had the Frenchman DJ Gregory now \ ‘ \ ‘ the Wheels of steel, but he could not really captivate the public. He turned the crank out even a little on the dead off … The wait was so on the great little Roog, who unfortunately had to run up to 1 hour in Rotterdam. Quarter past two he appeared suddenly on stage, and you saw almost a sigh of relief by the Hall going when he took over the dj booth at half past 3. He was announced once again kill the XBox-sponsored, got another XBox gift and then ie finally start spinning. Roog also had to look at, but in the Hall was hardly to notice! At the first tunes came immediately the whole room in motion, the hands went into the air and it was just another party! MC Gee C é C é Peniston again announced to and together with Roog she made there a true show of! This time I found her much better than the night before in Monza. Unfortunately, unfortunately, was within no time 4 hours, and give an encore in Panama may unfortunately not. However, the die-hard Roogfans had another surprise in store for the brothers Hard soul, and they were allowed to all equally on stage. as a token of appreciation and in honor of the release of the 3rd \ ‘ Sound of Love & Dedication \ ‘ CD had the fans two leather bracelets with a silver plate, in which the hardsoul logo was. Grateful they took the gifts in channels, and at the sight of the beautiful bracelets attacked the two brothers as completely silent. It was just the perfect gift at the end of a very successful cd release! On to the next \ ‘ Love & Dedication \ ‘!

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More info: www.DJRoog.nl.

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