City of Falling Angels

\ ‘ \ ‘ everyone in Venice ë theatre plays, told count Girolamo Marcello, to me. \ ” everyone plays a role, in that role changes continuously. If you want to understand Venitanen, you listen to the rhythm: the rhythm of the Langune, the rhythm of the water, the tides, the waves … \ ë ‘ I know Venice all from the film, from the Carnival, nice photo’s and described in books. When I was in John Berendt’s city of Falling Angels began, knew I was right that the book would be what continues to fascinate your start to finish. Repeatedly do I need to point out that this is not fiction, that all the characters are real and that everything that happened. John Berendt has everything so beautiful and to be able to describe in detail by gathering and weaving anecdotes, rumors and own observations. The complications surrounding the La Fenice opera house form the basis of the story, with which the show of corruption and deception is put immediately. Behind each door that opens for us afterwards, John Berendt lurks a new scandal or a new feud. It’s like you an exciting detective reads. And as he the historical details, hundreds of literary references and the peculiarities of his characters, such as the Rattenman of Treviso, the family Curtis, poet Mario Stefani, Ezra Pound and his mistress Olga, describes, you get a piece of literature history and what lessons about life, history and architecture in Venice ë. Using the glossary you can find at the back of the book, you will learn some of the Italian language. And the overview of the people, organisations and companies, names of buildings and places, including notes, make the book so complete that if you while reading this detailed, 379 pages-producing, story just lost the plot, you can read further back so are and. Tip: are you curious about all art, literature, history, architecture, characters and topography that are described in the book, crawl out behind your pc and search for them on through Google, you will see that it is sometimes even more beautiful in real life than you had in your imagination can think of. (The opera house La Fenice is really impressive!)Image removed by editor City the falling Angels John Berendt ISBN 90-229-8932-1www. all about the 20. en

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