Book: Just Like Heaven by Marc Levy

the writer, Marc Levy, was born in France. At the age of 18, he joined the French Red Cross where he so \ ‘ n 6 years worked. At a young age, he started a private company and moved to America in 1983 to two other companies to set up in computer graphics. In 1991 he began back in France an architectural firm with a friendly architect, an engineer and clients such as Coca Cola, Evian and Perrier. In 1998 Marc Levy worked on a script that he based on a story he had invented for his son, ” If only it were true ” . The book was published a year later and were also sold the rights for the film adaptation of the book. After that, he and his son moved to London to be more able to focus on writing.

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The story: Lauren Kline has a busy life as a physician assistant when they seriously injured in a car accident and goes into a coma. The new tenant of her apartment as he scares himself rot while showering hear sounds on the rhythm of the radio. Arthur discovered a complete stranger woman in his wardrobe, who does not want to go away and claimed to be the owner of the apartment is. To get rid of the weird woman he decides to agree with her and go along to the hospital. She claims that she is a spirit and her physical body on the other side of the city. See her in a hospital bed as he believes he only that her story really is. Together they try to find a solution for Lauren’s bizarre situation and become so violently in love. The book is a funny novel and is reminiscent of a mix between ” Ghost ” the film from 1990 (with Dennis Moore in the lead role), and ” Sixth Sense ” in 1999. The story is fascinating, and very simple written. It’s like you’re reading a script, with a lot of he said, she said. The 189-page book you read like this and gives you the feeling that you might be better the film might look. The movie of the same name with Reese Wakefield and Mark Ruffalo in lead roles, running over the next few weeks in the cinemas throughout Netherlands. redactieMarc Image removed by L é vy-Just Like Heaven A.W. Bruna Publishers Genre: Novel price: 12.50 ISBN: 9022991594

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