Pimp my chair!

Dutch celebrities yesterday gave aircraft seats a total metamorphosis. Among other things, Fiona Hering, Piet Paris, Gerda havertong, Patty pimpten Harpenua and Percy Irausquin a airplane seat for the benefit of charity. As a result of the action is the introduction of the new equipment on board Martinair Comfort Class. By introducing the company literally chairs about. Martinair wanted these chairs not just throw it away and then came up with the idea to several of these chairs to let creative edit (pimping) and then to auction off.

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In the hangar of the Dutch Dakota Association in addition to Martinair’s old DC3 aircraft seats were completely taken care of. Bows, ribbons, sequins, glitter and lace, Tiger plush fabrics, everything is used to the chairs in a whole new look to cross. Designer Percy Irausquin has inspired by tropical flowers and his trademark \ ‘ \ ‘ is also the bow on the airplane seat well recognizable. Also Fiona Hering and Piet Paris have indulged themselves pretty, exciting bright pink fabric with glitters and the recognizable style of Piet Paris made this Chair very striking. Gerda havertong permitted among other things well see that many styles together a particular result. But also the chairs of Caya de Groot, Patty Harpenau and the Sisters of My Cup of T are very striking and unique. The \ ‘ pimped \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, but also not pimped aircraft seats are auctioned online through www.soskinderdorpen.nl and phone will be 30 euros. The proceeds will go to the global work of SOS-Children’s villages.

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