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In the Big Apple is a team of bold, forensic detectives to solve murders by all active to collect and interpret traces. During the searches for DNA, hair, blood, fingerprints and other, with high-tech equipment to detect clues, it seems the series CSI: New York new light on the sometimes ominous metropolis. The team of forensic researchers is led by Mac Taylor, played by the famous actor Gary Sinise. Like Taylor, he is a dedicated and driven Inspector. Along with Inspector Stella Bonasera, played by actress Melina Kanakaredes, supervises a team of experts formed by Inspector Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo), coroner Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper), Detective Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) and Detective Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferlito).

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The series in New York used other methods than those in Las Vegas and Miami, especially high-tech science plays a large role in the gathering of evidence. All CSI versions are also included in Los Angeles, but to the city in question to give the own atmosphere, different spot colors used. So has CSI Las Vegas a red filter, Miami New York yellow and grey. Personally, I continue to find the best CSI Las Vegas yet, but that is a matter of taste. Although it’s probably also because this version the original is. However, all three versions it more than well in America and beyond, which is evidenced by the fact that they occur anywhere in the lists of most watched program’s. but those who love this series with this DVD, of course, their money’s worth. The DVD offers many extra’s not: at four episodes there is a spoken commentary by Director Anthony Zuiker. Well there is a little look behind the scenes, but that focuses in particular on how the series remains technically correct, and how important it is to continue to follow developments as becoming the new makers. Image removed by – redactieCSI: NY season 1 CBS Broadcasting/Alliance Atlantis Productions

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