the three women seem at first to have little to do with each other except that Lily married the ex of Gemma. E é n link so those two ladies directs. And that’s a good thing too because this will give the reader a chance to get to know the women with their characters. And not to mention their social life, which angrily maintained by phone calls, work discussions and email traffic. There is not inactive. In particular, it is blown in the beginning then also pay attention here because there are many names ge ï be introduced. But because the author Marian Keyes, delves deeply into the life Almost immediately is that confusion of very short duration. Also by the concise descriptions on the back.

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Although the leventjes big are put down, it’s really about all the normal things. The girls Act, walking, feel, bales, laugh and think like ordinary women and thereby goes empathize by itself. Women recognize themselves, whether they like it or not. Everyone knows what it is to be sad, cranky, jealous, funny, overconfident, in love or revenge lustig to be.

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Jojo, Gemma and Lily. Three social leventjes and three times ups and downs; the h á d can be confusing, but it is not. Each has its own chapter and reasonable to and to changes so the perspective. I’m normally not wild on varying perspectives because that makes it more difficult to empathize with the protagonist and it’s not easy to get in to the story. Yet I cannot but admit that Keyes at this point a State-of-the-art writers art has delivered. By the very detailed and precise descriptions in which they awfully close under the skin of the people crawl, she got me so far as to my loyalty to the ladies switched per chapter. Was Lily to move, I found Gemma a bitch and a chapter could further that just totally flipped his.

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A book that captivates and entertained, but not of the kind that your life upside down. The changing of the characters gives a great opportunity to check your surroundings and to avoid your food does not burn or your house collapses without it. Income is not necessary and thereby leave it is easy to pick up and is it also no point to submit any way. For example, under the Christmas tree with a nice piece of paper about. Fine takes to like very much to bellies between the heavy Christmas dinners by, but still prefer you would read é in é n jerk.Image removed by editing The House of Books Marian Keyes ISBN 90 443 1419 480 page 17, 90 ‘s € original title: The other side of The story

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