Sarah Diamond-No One Say

However, the book has an important

manco. As the relationships between the main characters not totally explored. Rachel recently lives together with her friend Andrew, but the relationship between them remains vague. It is unclear why they feel themselves attracted to each other, and what has brought them together. They seem two strangers who live in é n é House. On the other hand, there is a man, rather boy, who regularly visit on Rachels work, which draws her attention. There is something between them, so try to make the story clear. Also this boy, Peter, has a secret of his youth. But that is not enough to explain the attraction between both of them. If later in the book, it appears that the secret of Peter even of a very different order than that of Rachel, the bond between them even less understandable. Then there’s the somewhat bloated writing style. Phrases like: ” a wild optimism gierde by her mind ” , ” she felt the world around her change as if there just a cloud for the Sun was shoved; in the middle of her face were brilliant ” , ” In her mind he now felt like a high, unprotected ledge, and the world around her seemed like the hands that pushed her to that ledge far ” , and ” she sat in her body as an indifferent co-driver ” , a term that is used twice, even do my toes curl. Finally, the climax is more a kind of anticlimactic. You put the book down and think; This is it now? There remain many questions unanswered, and it allows an unsatisfied feeling behind.

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Then the book is still behind in an interview with the author. Maybe brings that than any clarity? They first recounts extended over her own trauma: ” I Now drive about emotional trauma’s in my books, because unfortunately I endured more than enough ” , and ” Trauma’s are a recurring theme in my books because I now once there most \ ‘ \ ‘ sense of have. Because in my stories many of my own experiences process, I think that they are more credible and therefore more pleasant read. ” Then she tells that her past anything but dramatic enough for non-fiction, and compares them with another trauma victim himself: ” my past puts out looking pale at what that boy all had to endure. Writing fiction seemed like a better and more interesting choice. ” It almost sounds like she is jealous! Finally about her fifth thriller: ” I’m starting to get a bit enough of writing about childhood trauma’s. ” I don’t know why this interview is included in the book, but it raises at least no sympathy on. it gives rather a somewhat arrogant impression, although that will have been fixed not intended. No, here, too, no incentive to read more by this author. Too bad, the plot certainly offered possibilities, but the whole is worked out too bad to really Captivate.Sarah Diamond Nobody ZeggenAW Bruna Publishers E.g. Genre: Literary novel, thriller price: € 15,-ISBN: 90 229 9153 9

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