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Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice cre erden the rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar. A modern, bold and controversial interpretation of the last seven days in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus is portrayed in human and invoel way as a man who, at the height of his influence and fame, loses the confidence of Judas. Judas suspects that the myth around the man Jesus has become more important than what he preaches in the name of God. The story of two passionate men and é é n passionate woman, Mary Magdalene, which alone with Jesus will continue until after his death.

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The single \ ‘ \ ‘ superstar in the Liberal Netherlands in particular was a hit and the concept album (1970) with Murray Head, Ian Gillan and Yvonne Elliman a groundbreaking classic. Thirty-five years later, Joop van den Ende theatre productions brings a brand new Dutch version of Jesus Christ Superstar in the Dutch theaters. A quirky version of an equally quirky rock musical. And with that idea you should also go to this musical. It is a rock musical and no fresh juicy vocals fest. That a lot of people are not aware of them, I heard around me. My neighbor complained of pain in his ears. Yes, the sound was sometimes somewhat harsh, but it is pretty loud rock music, so…

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The lead role in this musical is not, in my opinion, the role of Jesus Christ, but that of Judas, played by the relatively unknown singer of the Hague band vengeance; Martin Vazquez. An impressive throat work and an absolute whirling role that the Belgian Dieter Troubleyn as Jesus does wipe out a little way. Casey Francisco shines as Mary Magdalene. They put up with a lot of emotion scroll down. Goose bumps shivers over your body if they during the 39 lashes \ ‘ Should mention? \ ‘ drop in a reprise. Breathtakingly beautiful! Jamai Loman (Simon) and musical heroes Rolf Koster (Annas) and Michael Diederich (Herod), however, take but small roles to complete in this musical. It remains particularly that one apparently not for the big names in musical-country has chosen the leading roles of Jesus and Judas. Michael Diederichs ” goochelact ” in this musical I personally also don’t really fit at all. Anyway, it is not for nothing a ‘ quirky implementation \ ‘ of course.

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Despite the great vocal parts in the musical I went home disappointed anyway. At Joop van den Ende-musical a \ ‘ \ ‘ do you expect pretty much pageant and beautiful sets and that were missing in this musical virtually. Apart from the scene with the cross is the setting fairly empty and emotionless. Do you like rock, then it will certainly appeal to you very musical. Do you like musicals with lots of frills and decor, I would skip this musical but.Jesus Christ Superstar is still under 2 July to see in several theatres in Netherlands. For more information and the play list look at the official website.

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