Letters from Santa Claus

despite the busy life of Tolkien, he was professor and he is also skewed his first son John then publications about 4 years was started drives by the letters from Santa Claus. And what could be more fun than personally every year a letter, written by Santa Claus himself, to receive by post? For the children of Tokien should have been a party every year. This is probably also the reason that many of these letters have been preserved in a good condition. And now there is a revised editions of the book \ ‘ \ ‘ letters from Santa Claus. In the letters are beautiful and fun stories about life at the North Pole: uithalende Arctic bear about the mischief that already put out the northern lights off; about the clumsy Arctic bear who climbed the North Pole and through the roof of the home of Father Christmas fell; on the fight against the goblins, the help of the elves and the party with the nephews of Arctic bear. Often these letters were accompanied by runeachtige a small note with the handwriting of Arctic bear or fluent handwriting of the eleven Ilberth.

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Not just stories of Santa Claus, but also drawings of Santa Claus and stamps created by Santa Claus are a feast to see. And fortunately, all this in a nice way contained in the book, which makes it a party to read or just watching. The book is fun to read for the youngest among us, to read for everyone else and for the true Tolkien connoisseur a feast of recognition by all characters, types and used a secret language developed by himself. How could it be otherwise if professor Anglo-saxon. In a nutshell: a must for young and old. A book that every year if you the weather picks up new surprises has in store for you!Image removed by editorial title: letters from Santa Claus author: j. r. r. Tolkien’s Publisher: M-www.uitgeverij-m.nl publishing house ISBN: 90-225-4358-7 price: 19,90 Page’s: 111

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