The Love Oracle

at the front of the book is a pressure card equipped with 7 round cards with red hearts on one side and on the other side blue hearts. After reading the introduction, which in our brief history of the Oracle in General and the love Oracle specifically tells, we go to the instructions. After here leaves in the book shows that there are 2 types of consult. The first is on the basis of the 21 questions about love the answer within the question game. Decide which of the 21 questions you want to ask the Oracle and whether you are a novice or have a pre-existing relationship. Shake the cards with the hearts in your hands while you rondzoemen the question in your head. When you think the time is right is cast your the hearts on the table. You count how much blue and Red hearts you have thrown and draws the numbers from each other. Example: 5 red hearts – 2 blue hearts = 3 Red hearts. And then view the answer of 3 Red hearts, in my case with an existing relationship. And sure enough … a reply as in a horoscope, é é n If so can apply for everyone in various situations … Or is this to my cynicism? After some reading all the answers turn out to be very obvious in various situations. Is the truth, superstition or just funny to do? On to the second form of the Oracle then but. Put a red heart in the middle of a circle that you create with the other 6 hearts. Add colors to and to put down. Ask yourself while you focused to this middle heart looks like to answer on a question where you would have. Take the cards in 2 hands, shake them, throw them up and close your eyes. With your eyes closed look for the cards together and you put them in a row down. The combination that now for you is can you find back in the Oracle. If you have looked up this turns out this a piece of text where you can or can not do anything with it. Time will learn … I myself am maybe a little too sober for this sort of thing. However, fascinates me though. In any case, it is a fun book to gift if you go with girl friends, celebrates Christmas on a Bachelor Party, if you have a friend who just again bachelor is still such matters or to continue as yourself. However, keep in mind that you lead your life and not this book!! Make choices do your self … also in love.Image removed by editorial title: the love Oracle writer: Matthias Mala Publisher: Publishing House – ISBN: 90-225 M-4309-9 price 10.00 Pages: 205

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