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after the appearance of 2 tracks in \ – ‘ Lord of the Rings The fellowship of The Ring \ ‘ should Roma Ryan ge inspired ï have been touched by the language of the Elves. On this cd has created a language of their own ë erd and 3 of the tracks on this CD are sung in this new language. After listening to these tracks it becomes clear why they again by Peter Jackson himself have been invited to contribute to this epic movies. Enya sings in many languages is that they keep her music known. The past years, they released under other songs in Spanish, the language of Celtic and Wales. Now they also own imaginary language in addition to the Japanese writing on her account. On this cd is a Haiku by the Japanese poet Basho grasped in music. After listening to this CD is one thing me clear. It is Enya on and top. Wistful lyrics on typical Celtic-Scottish-Irish-style music. For people who don’t like the style of Enya charmed this cd is also not recommended. For those like me who can appreciate and Enya at her music away dreams to beautiful lakes or mysterious mountains, I only have 1 tip: on to the music store! (Or ask him gift for under the Christmas tree  Amarantine ) image removed by editorial title: – artist: Enya Amarantine Label: Warner price: 15.99

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