Spinvis-days of grass, days of straw

the title is taken from the book Days of grass, days of straw \ ‘ \ ‘, released in 1973 by r. a. Lafferty. At the title I think of spring, freshly mown grass … plenty of sunshine everywhere. But that there is now no more, it is grizzled and gray, it is winter. And yet fits the music of Spinvis there also. It’s not a really happy album with the exception of numbers such as \ ‘ \ ‘ get in the cockpit, but the numbers have in one way or another something. I always find it nice if there is variation between songs is, not everything on the same show. And that is also the case here. There is alternated between slow and fast, telling and instrumental. It sounds really and pure … no overgemixte, gladgepolijste music. It is not more beautiful than it is. But it is beautiful. The are surreal numbers, po ë see on music. The second album is more cheerful than the first, but yet there are still a lot of minor sounds in. Something Adam Richman’s own. The making of the album took a long time, simply because the person behind the Erik Jong, Spinvis, record everything ourselves. Also he is working on a bunch of songs at a time. If something doesn’t fit in a number, then perhaps in another. On his attic in Nieuwegein, he has his own studio. Here are many tools, including a toy piano. He usually sits to jamming and Spinvis samples from his own recorded work. This is a lot of xperimenteerd on the computer until ge ë it’s good. Or not, that is also beautiful. He has also many booklets with, at first glance, nothing saying sentences. All gathered, because maybe it’s ever still handy.

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” my music consists of a lot of layers of loose thingies that make a new fairy tale with each other. ” 01 I just want to get in the cockpit swimming 02 03 04 on the banks of the time the advantage of video 05 days of grass, days of straw 06 Flamingo 07 the seventh night 08 Lotus Europa 09 Bites my tongue off 10 11 the gardens of Mexicowww.spinvis.nlExcelsior Recordings

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