Nostradamus for Dummies

This ‘ for Dummies ‘ book is written by Scarlett Ross. She is author and teacher of English and does all over eighteen years of research into New Age, alternative Religions, divination, prophecy, symbolism, dreams and language and she is very ï ntresseerd ge in the work of Nostradamus. Nostradamus was born in 1503 in Provence as Michel de Nostradame. He was a French physician, astrologer and Prophet in the early sixteenth century. He wrote predictions about the future of people, countries and humankind in General in four-line rhymed poems collected in The Prophecy ë n \ ‘ \ ‘. ë N \ ‘ \ ‘ in The Prophecy he tried the most important and most earth-shaking events of the coming 2000 years to predict. As predicted and he described for example, in the following rhyme, the great fire of London in 1666 raged. \ ‘ The blood of the righteous will be included ë ist London, burned by fire in three times twenty and six, the old lady of her high rank will fall, and many of the same sect will fall. \ ” Nostradamus predicted also a that the Queen of Scotland would go flights, the great plague which would affect many and Napoleon’s Regime. His latest prediction was written more than 450 years ago and in it he provided for the 2nd World War: \ ‘ Beasts, crazy of hunger, will over the rivers swimming most of the battlefield will be against Hister. The leader will be dragged in an iron cage, As the child of Germany respects no law more. \ ‘ and in other small poems were for example the Gulf war, overpopulation, floods and Famine described. According to é n é of the stories that are told about him, even his own Nostradamus predicted death … To make sure your barrel gets on the incomprehensible idea ë n of Nostradamus, the Renaissance, Astrology, Alchemy and art, is the book’s Nostradamus for Dummies \ ‘ accumulated in six parts:-Nostradamus, this is your life. -The main influences on Nostradamus. -The ë n of the time of Nostradamus Prophecy to Napoleon,. -The prophecy ë n for the new age. -ë N The prophecy for the future. -The part of the dozens. In 22 chapters spread across 376 pages on the well known for Dummies way-a written in a playful way, easy to understand book that you can read on your own way (from front to back or on topic) and in which certain subjects are represented with pictures and reviews-, described that prophecy ë n é n é possible and that that the talents of Nostradamus was. Furthermore, the book goes deeper into who actually was, which moved him Nostradamus now, his influences were and whether any prophecy of Nostradamus is actually a picture of the future was … And that makes the book ” Nostradamus for Dummies ‘ a really nice way to the predictions of this 16th-century Prophet to decipher. It gives you a good insight and plenty of food for thought-of Hitler to the Millenium-, whether or not you believed in the ability to predict the future.Image removed by redactieNostradamus for Dummies. 27.95 ISBN 90-430-1175-4Pearsonwww.

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