Beauty tips with Mari van de Ven

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n makeup product. What would it be and why? Then I would choose for example for a good color lipstick. With it you can also give color to your face except your lips and you can also your blush and eye shadow with it!What we absolutely must not miss beautytip? Always use a foundation. That gives the face a lot of rest. However, no use thick layer, but a little bit, so you can hardly see. It should only serve as a basis.You have a dire schoenentic. How many pairs do you currently have in your closet and what is your absolute favorite? What I will say … 80 few or so? I am totally addicted to it. I was recently in Paris. There I embarked on the necessary of course. Point shoes, sneakers, crazy beaten-up boots in different colors and types. My absolute favorite? That totally depends on my mood off. The nice thing is that some shoes really a story, a memory sticks. That gives it a added value.What’s your funniest experience in your work? Makeovers and people very very happy with it. That I find really beautiful. You’re doing really really nice metamorphoses. The nicest? That there was one that I did in Tea time. A woman with her to cut short her buttocks was rigorous about that. That was of course a whole transition and also even a very emotional moment. My biggest skill is therefore also: changing hairstyles and makeup within a very short time. If you liked this job had not what were you doing then? Then I was stuck a dancer or an actor. In such occupations can I find me very well. If I this job even one more time sat than I at least know what I’m going to do.With which Dutch celebrities do you like? Especially with Wendy van Dijk, Dyanne Beekman and Sylvie Meis. I know them now already getting long and have worked a lot with them. So you build at some point a trust with those people on. they are then just like your friends h è.Which known Dutchman or foreigner would you still like to format/style sometimes? Queen Beatrix! That sounds like a lot of experience to her to take care of. Then I would firmly make something very special.Would you dare to get you through another metamorphosis to a head? No!! I would certainly not dare, because I prefer to keep it all in your own hands. I let cut my hair not even by another. I do all the sweetest itself.We have heard that you are addicted to cr è knife. What is your favorite? The Bergman cr è knife, that I find absolutely top. They have all the skin needs to look as beautiful as possible.You’re running for quite a while in showbiz land. The people know your all of your metamorphosis in coffee time. Do you have any ambitions? What would you still like to do? I find tv really fantastic medium. In that area I would still really like to achieve a thing or two. The most beautiful of course would be a private show. Who knows … that next year is going to happen I would also like to have a second book publishing. Also that sits in my schedule.You have your own weblog Surf your self a lot on the internet and which sites you visit often? I’ll almost never on websites. Little time h?.. è..What if I need then my management that I get it.What recommend you get for Christmas? Movement in the hair, much curl, much shiny. A nice red full mouth, a quiet eyes shadow to the eyes. And of course a lot of shine and glitter because that is all the way at Christmas. What’s your ultimate dream? That I can remain happy and healthy and delicious by should go with what I’m doing now. Then I would always a happy person are

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