Beauty and the Beast

everyone knows probably the classic Disney story of The Beauty & The Beast. Belle and her father Maurice living in a small village. The villagers find them what strange and thereby is the most beautiful man of the village, Gaston, precisely by its charmed and wants to marry her. She points him off and leaves at her father that is lost on the way to a scholarship. After a long search, she in the Castle where her father was taken prisoner by the beast. To get her father to smoking, she offers the beast to stay forever in the Castle instead of her father and he takes the proposal to. By a curse is the complete staff as household goods come to life; Of clock to teapot, from sideboard to spoon. After an adventurous quest for true love, Belle eventually falls for the inner beauty of the hideous beast. This will break the spell? It is, after all, a fairy tale.

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And what a fairy tale is this musical! With dazzling sets and beautiful costumes you imagine yourself during Beauty & The Beast like in a real fairy tale. The beast was during this performance played by Rene van Kooten, which normally takes on the role of Gaston, but I have to say that I have up to the end thought that Stanley Burleson stood there as the beast, so a worthy alternate.

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GER Otte and Carlo boszhard are hilarious as Tickens respectively (the pendulum) and Lumi è re. Carlo boszhard seems quite at home in this role with an exaggerated French accent and his dandy behavior. Chantal Janzen í s just Belle. What sets those who like and credible role down. The Palace is impressive and enchanting. The decor changed time and time again by setting, very fluid and go unnoticed. Is attention to every little detail.

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Mrs tea pot gives you the chills as she sings the title song from Beauty & The Beast. This evening, a Kolk’s but unfortunately no alternate who put down the role perfectly. And her son Jakopje is of course also endearing. This is a musical to my heart, a musical such as, in my opinion, a musical is supposed to be. A musical that grabs you and excites and rushes in the story. Do you know that; that you go home with a woolly feeling? That I had after this musical. Beauty & The Beast is without a doubt one of the most beautiful é é musicals that I’ve ever seen! Roelof so! For more info on Beauty and the Beast look on do you want a bit of the atmosphere of this musical? Then look at the movie.

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