DVD: Ziezo, poems by Annie M.G. Schmidt

Annie M.G. Schmidt, who’s not big with it become? The poetry book ZieZo stood five years ago at the base of a collaboration between the AVRO and the HKU Utrecht, Faculty of art, Media and technology. Since september 2000, almost 100 students the poems of Annie m. g. Schmidt animated and so there was a motley collection of animations with the most diverse styles. This can be found on this double-DVD and é for young n old a party to look at. The funny poems by Annie M.G. Schmidt without a party to read all these movies, there is nl. with every DVD a poems booklet with poems that are on the DVD. This allows you to read or read during the cutscene with it before bedtime. In the menu of both DVDs you have 2 different options, you can choose the option Ziezootjes \ ‘ \ ‘, where you can play the movies so, or you can choose the option \ ‘ \ ‘ under the bed, which is an interactive and much nicer way to explore the DVD. Under the bed are all kinds of heaps with toys, where you can fluff and figurines from the small poems through encounters. You can also watch these movies, you get the songs and games against, very exciting and joyful all. On the both DVD’s do you have in the menu of the Ziezootjes \ ‘ \ ‘ the opportunity to choose from 2 chapters; on the first DVD the movies 1 to 8 and 9 to 15, the movies that you can view all per poem or behind each other. So do you stop your child too long to the television looks and with squares eyes behind comes from. The order of the videos do not correspond to the table of contents of the included poems booklets, the actual order is this: 1. the Mayor of hogezande 2. The Dragon in a mousetrap ” 3. The goat of doctor S 4. The fly eulalie 5. The girafje that nothing saw 6. In ‘t huis van klaas and woutertje 7. K firebrand 8. Koekeloertje 9. The old lady 10. The Knight of vogelenzang 11. The song of the Pakhuis-mice 12. Cockaigne express 13. Princess Rosa linde 14. The robbers and the Moon 15. Finger-lick On the second DVD is the order this: 16. Beppie snarl 17. The vleerhondjes 18. The male fop 19. Looking for gip gap goni ë 20. Aunt M 21. Two wing tip 22. By d and the tap 23. The male larieflas 24. The failed fee 25. For the portrait of Grandpa Crow 26. Pepin the cat 27. Baker’s Ubbeltje do not want to go to sleep Image removed by editing Image deleted by editing Image deleted by editing Image deleted by editing The movies are really great handsome and funny created. The figures from the poems come to life through all kinds of materials, collages, clay, computer animations, it is cheerful. The poems are brought to life with the voices of Flip van Duijn, son of Annie M.G. Schmidt. Really uitpluist a DVD you with fun all the way, with or without child! DVD: Ziezo, poems by Annie M.G. Schmidtwww. just4kids. en

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