Kane in Ahoy

both men and women stood on the balconies still impatient to drink a drink, or to smoke their last cigarette, before it went live in a sold out Ahoy … Kane, start. The fans had been waiting for months with a ticket in their hands and now it was time really come. The impatient, obviously nervous atmosphere hung in the air. In Ahoy not affected by rain or wind-all fans provided a whole hot room! The band finally comes on and everyone looks stretched to Dinand, much has been said about his blonde hairstyle. And, and … He wears a hat. If he keep his hat decreases all the ladies in their breath strained; He has dyed his hair and is happy again everyone are dark-haired Adonis. The band is all in their element, one after the other number slide over the audience. The first half hour seems to be the only Hall but breathless to watch but Dinand is becoming looser and also the public with him. Soon the texts no longer rock hard to understand because the fans sing along. The fans screaming their lungs out every time é é n of the stages between Dinand on the public going alone. He’s hot, and he knows it-he challenges women with every part of his body. At one point he even jumps on shaky speaker so that the ladies in the VIP stand a good look at him. All known hits the bat, but at ” Master of the Game ” Organization, band, light and d cor é together for the ultimate show. Behind the band is a gigantic video screen on which two points from a tribal begins to emerge. After a while you can see that it is a dragon that suddenly violently fire starts to spit. The exposure is now red and it looks like the Dragon through the whole room spits fire. The exposure, the band, the video screen everything is exactly matched. An impressive show. The real end of the evening remains unclear until far into the afterparty. Kane disappears three times from the stage and comes back again. A part of the public going to House and fog after the first time, without knowing it, another half hour of the concert. The last time the band comes to mind they introduce DJ Ronald molendijk, known from events like 4 Elements, Innercity, Sensation and Mysteryland. Ronald molendijk provides a rousing afterparty, it is inconceivable how the rocking crowd just as hard on the doordanst house beats that now by Ahoy blare. On the way home, everyone can look back on an amazing show. Kane forces with this professional show as Dutch rock band at both national and international

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