John Frieda Radiant Red

and not only for those who are naturally blessed with a bunch of red hair but also for color treated hair or highlights. The product line includes an anti-kleurvoedende kleurvervagings-shampoo, conditioner, a hydrating mask and a super powerful hairspray. when coloring your hair opens the outer layer of every hair developed, which red head vulnerable to water. If you wash your hair, calls water through in the core making it her off, The Red pigments escape and the color fades. At john Frieda, they have developed a new technology to solve this problem; an anti-embed color blur system that red colour pigments and the Red Defend Complex with antioxidants and UV filters for color protection and a nice shine.

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And indeed, after a number of times to have used the products, seem to be my somewhat faded red

red highlights again more beautiful than before! This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post: WordPress Auto Blog pluginContent Filtering, WP-Auto Post

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