DVD: the very best of this Was the News – part 1

The spray program is based on the English program Have I got news for you?, which is also there for good viewing figures provides. The first episode was broadcast on 17 May 1996, with Harm Edens as presenter and stand-up comedian Raoul Heertje and comedian Thomas Acda as team captains. Over the years many well-known Dutch came along, including Jack Spijkerman, Sylvia Millecam, Paul de Leeuw, Karin Bloemen and Viggo Waas. When Thomas Acda stopped, he was succeeded by Marc-Marie Huijbregts, but who gave the baton after a season already over to Jan-Jaap van der Wal. In addition to the highlights of the first five years, there are also images to see the special on the European Football Championship in 2000 with Peter heerschop, Eddy Pal and Curtis Jackson. In addition, there is a lot of bonus material, with images that are never shown on television. So looking Harm, Raoul and Thomas together back on the very first episode, in which of course the necessary comment comes. Also, the pilot Is that news? to see, presented by Owen Schumacher, known of tacks and Koefnoen. It’s a good thing that they have gone further … with Harm  DVD: the very best of This Was the News – part 1 On the second DVD is the uncensored new year’s episode with Sanne Wallis de Vries and to see Willem Oltmans, to show you how it goes during a recording. The two discs contain a total of more than five hours of material. For the loyal fans so more than enough to look back. For the people who keep me – – including this type of humor is certainly a nice addition to the collection. All the makers themselves seem to have a very different purpose: ‘ buy this DVD and help the creators of DWHN realize their big dream: a better world, a bigger house and nicer gifts for their ma î tresses ‘. What do you mean satirical?  DVD: the very best of This Was the News – part 1 Image removed by redactieHet very best of this Was the – part 1 JG Entertainment News

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