World kerstcircus in Royal Theatre Carré

And it starts off well with his horses from Hungary number … Florian Richter, acrobats that swing without too much security to poles that hold other acrobats, Mr. Dalmatian with its former Soviet Union, playing basketball, the couple from the Mak that convinced in the ridge and many others. In between reprise of the party as the clown Francesco ring needs to be reformatted. E é n vakundig is presented by Gert-Jan Dr ö ge, those that do in a fun way. Just before the break, after all these nummersdiestuk ziveren and awarded with Golden awards for piece join ” s Holland’s pride ‘ on. the illusionist Hans Klok, yes … with the Golden mane. And without any walls behind or next to him he should still good quality to everyone again to bring under his spell. And time after time he again to the Hall, which is watching with bated breath, to amaze.

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After the break is about the rap further including Wendell Huber with Indian elephants from Switzerland, 4 acrobats from Russia, Francesco de reprise clown who this time Gert-Jan Dr ö requisiet used and the Russian springboard if ge supplying Dosov acrobats who create and breakneck houses high jumps the public get on the edge of their seats. (By way of indication, they come above the balcony out!!) A special mention deserves é é n of the world’s best clowns Dabire Shiner. This American started as a street performer and has since won a Tony Award. He dreams of her own for years to é may operate in Carr’s and I think the Christmas circus may be happy to welcome him. Both in the first as in the second half he gets the audience laugh with acts which he would like to see (in a nice way) using people from the audience. I personally don’t like clowns, but by the recognizable themes he singles and the way he deals with people soon the tears of laughter running down my face and I at the end of his acts muscle pain in my abdomen.

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What I often find the nasty to circus are the acts with animals. And I think I am not the only one in there. Perhaps it is comforting to know that the Wereldkerstciurcus is only animal-friendly dressage acts presents which the animal in its value is left. OK é horses acts will never my favorite, but you don’t have to because there is so much more. And of the Olifantenact I really really enjoyed it! In short the é in Wereldkerstcirucus Carr is fun for the youth and the adults once again just a child! There is something for everyone and it’s a night to remember.

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The World é in kerstcircus Carr, made possible by Stardust Circus Theatre seating, the Dutch International B.V. and running through 8 January and tickets are available from 15 euros for adults and 11 euros for children. For reservations please visit the Carr é line: 0900 25 25 255 (0.40 pm, 7 days pw from 9: 00 am-21.00 h) or the Amsterdams Uitburo 0900 0192 (0.40 pm, 7 days pw from 9.00-21.00 hrs). For more information you can also visit the websites or

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