Speak softly

Pam Lewis opens its debut thriller with this horrible event and dropt a bomb that nadreunt to the end. The stark, menacing atmosphere, the introduction of the characters, the horrible secret, coupled with the many years of blackmail and oppression; everything finds its origin in that first crushing chapter. Main character Carol is an uncertain chubby teen, who without brothers and sisters growing up in a solid, conservative family. With a father who earns a living as a lawyer and a mother who hardly at home, is her childhood especially lonely and withdrawn.

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Anxious and uncertain she starts her first day at a new school, where she oddly enough is caught by the ground-breaking eccentric Naomi. They are girlfriends and close a bet that they will lose their virginity by the end of the year. Then comes the cheeky Eddie in image. This handsome, slippery Eddie offers itself to the girls, to help to achieve their goal. It is, of course, the inventive Naomi, who Carole with a skiing holiday know away at her strict home.

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The story revolves around endless attempts to flee to that horrible night of Carol winter. Without much success. Thanks to her partners in crime against the workings of the past catch up with her. By means of flashbacks explains Lewis will gradually expose the characters and the backgrounds and describes them in a gripping way how carrying a dark secret life of the main character be ï affects. What are the consequences for a friendship, entering into new contacts and her self-confidence? The enormous personal development that Carol is going through is not really come as a surprise. Although the story reasonably sober and with a certain distance is written, the loaded sizzling tension from Chapter 1 hang, making the book continues to fascinate. Fortunately, but because in a moment, in the Middle, threatens to sink the whole thing. With a ten-year time jump brings Lewis the speed again and the subcutaneous threat effortlessly picked up. A goose bumps thriller about the ambiguity of human morality, the arduous journey to maturity, honesty, … And loneliness and mistrust that one cold winter night.Image removed by editing Image deleted by editors The house of books speak softly Pam Lewis 320 pages. 17.90 Isbn 90 443 1074 7 original title: Speak softly, she can hear

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