Anita Baker-Christmas Fantasy

Soul singer Anita Baker made a delicious jazzy soul album for Christmas, one where you can crawl in on the couch with a glass of wine and enjoy! No sickly sweet violins, but just delicious groovy (Christmas) sounds to dream away. Well Baker already has a beautiful voice, so that is in advance actually been quite right with this plate that is actually not at all Kerstgebonden. Baker has just a bunch of good musicians gathered to put together a nice Christmas album to put down. The singer so \ ‘ n own tint to every song they sing here, that this is just a new plate of har could have been. That’s because they are very near her own, original soul/jazz style remains. Christmas or no Christmas, this is just a wonderful laid back plate to swoon away or even a romantic little dance at the Christmas tree to do with it.Blue Note/EMI

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