Book: Pause Pilates by Tiny Fagan

what is Pilates anyway? Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) developed through extensive studies on Oriental and Western bewegingvormen \ ‘ Contrology \ ‘, a movement form that is halfway between gymnastics and yoga, which was later renamed to Pilates. The main point of Pilates is; that you’re working from your body Center: \ ‘ \ ‘ the powerhouse (your stomach/lower back, buttock and thigh muscles). Pilates aims is that you just practise the whole body in a proper way, strengthens and balances. With a good breathing pattern you support the exercise. To perform all this it is important that you are emotionally centered and focused. Ultimately, it is intended that you perform every move according to these principles, whereby one gracefully into the other blends and so a complete workout is created. Pilates has many facets, Tiny Fagan focuses in particular on Pilates stretching, relaxing Break and breathing. You have no mattress needed because all exercises can be performed sitting on a Chair or standing. At work, during break times or just on the street, waiting at the bus stop. This book can fit into any jacket and bag, so you can take it anywhere, and there is a regular exercise does a little every day will feel fitter, more supple and more relaxed. In the first pages tells you about Pilates and Tiny Fagan the benefits of Pilates, also gives them Pause to that they also only human like all of us and that they while writing this booklet also sometimes forget is to listen to her own body. And that while they want to teach the readers of Break Pilates (again) to listen to their bodies. She explains that at the Pilates exercises always works from the inside, from your powerhouse or your power Center and the importance of correct posture. As she describes what is now a correct seated position and the right, non-slip is, how you can learn more freely and more complete breathing, what liberating works on body and mind. Next comes the getting started chapter \ ‘ \ ‘ where all Pause Pilates exercises, with particularly funny names such as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Mermaid, ‘ \ ‘, \ egg Cup Popeye \ ‘ and more of that kind of names, are discussed. I must honestly confess that I myself some exercises do not really do see on Office or standing at the bus stop, think my area then spontaneously in the laugh shooting, perhaps if I know for sure that there is no one else. The exercises are explained in a simple way with all kinds of helpful tips. It reminds me a bit to pregnancy thinking. Not too tiring, with nice touches such as a number of massage techniques that you can apply yourself. I stop him comfortably in my handbag, propably comes in handy. On the website of Tiny Fagan you will find even more information about Pilates and you can read that they also priv é classes.

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Tiny Fischer – Break Pilates ISBN 90-225-4352-8Forum/

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