DVD-West wind, season 1

the show’s starting point is the yard of the count on the point of bankruptcy State. Son Marco is coming back from Indonesia ë to help his family. De Graaf has lost a great deal, but they actually do not know how that could happen. As Marco goes out on research prove that noordermeer behind it. The family noordermeer has a yard that is running well. Only it goes at noordermeer rather than money to family. At the moment it does so equally in the priv é-life of Max, zuslief Charlotte already is in the starting blocks for its directors to take over position. With the permission of mama Emma should they try this also. With all its consequences. In the meantime try family Dan on the road to come through to make a new design for a screw. With the help of friends and the good will of the creditors get them enough time to complete the design and test, with success. With noordermeer goes the currently worse, because she liked the yard of the count had taken over. Now they will have to drop orders and maybe even have to invoke the help of the count itself not to go bankrupt.

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Of course there will be much more covered in this series than just building ships. Both families have to deal with various adversities. So try the Secretary of Max his marriage to kill, because they themselves are madly in love with is on him. Anton noordermeer is engaged in illegal practices in the field of cleaning ships, with large consequences. There appears to be a fourth shareholder at noordermeer where most knew nothing. This creates frustration at Charlotte who saw themselves already on the directors Chair. There is a relationship between a Dancer and a Northern Lake, which provides for the necessary commotion. Image removed by redactieDe dvdbox set of the first season consists of 5 DVD’s with the episodes 1 to 26. There is unfortunately no bonus material running time approximately 20 hours on..The House of Knowledge ISBN: 90-8510-125-5

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