Tuesday ' s Child

Lucy Evans is happy, she has a relaxed Court, she writes reviews about computer games, and lives in a beautiful apartment in London with her best friend Ollie. But everything is about to change. Ollie decides to get married with his girlfriend Victoria and the computer magazine where Lucy works for is sold to a new owner. As a result, hit them one day in é é lost her job and apartment. Lucy should be much change to itself to be able to find another job. For writing reviews of computer games you do not yourself to Struts, a Metallica t-shirt and jeans were Lucy’s favorite work clothes. But for her new job should they believe to a makeover to make himself into a more feminine woman. Heels, skirts, tights and Chanel 5, nothing may be missing for a representative appearance. Because the estate agency where she goes to apply for a job are looking for a ” English rose ” . Her new job bring her a whole new life with a man, lots of luxury, and adventure. Tuesday’s Child is a wonderful book for a rainy Sunday afternoon inside. Or in the Sun, on holiday on the beach. Such a book which you regret that you already have out. It’s a funny, romantic story with lots of recognizable anecdotes about all things women must continue to look to be representative.Image removed by editors Tuesday’s Child Louise Bagshawe Headline Book Publishing ISBN: 0-7553-0428-4 price: 14.95

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