ADHD for Dummies

my interest for this book was aroused, because my daughter four years ago from a remedial educationalist got the diagnose ADHD. A diagnosis where I myself sometimes to doubt, because I believe that trigger certain nutrients her behavior. I was just so wondering if the book us after wading through all the necessary books still could learn something new. ADHD is often seen as an excuse for bad behavior or bad parenting. In some cases, this actually so, but unfortunately, ADHD a real disorder to be where millions of people world-wide camps. The purpose of the book ADHD for Dummies is to make people more insight and you to provide resources to effectively address ADHD. The book consists of five sections and twenty chapters. In part 1 the ABCs of ADHD treated. This chapter explains what ADHD is, causes and symptoms. Part 2 is diagnose ADHD. This part of the book covers how you’re diagnosed with ADHD can recorded, but also conditions that appear on ADHD. In part 3 discusses the different types of ADHD treatment and dealing with drugs, but also, for example, the influence of diet on behavior. Also alternative therapies are studied. Section five looks at life with ADHD in different environments; at home, school and work. In part five are there any tips to organize your life, relationships and refers to various sites, support groups, books etc. The book has yielded little news for me, but of course not for nothing it is called ADHD for Dummies. However, the book is ideal for outsiders, such as family members and teachers, to give a better understanding in ADHD and thereby may be more understanding and grow a better handling. The book is also ideal if you suspect or your child (or maybe you!) ADHD has. I wish I had the book in my possession had five years ago, because it gives an overview of the most important things about ADHD you can come. It saves me a lot of research had. The book is very well organized and an ideal reference book for anyone who has to deal with ADHD or ADHD diagnosed suspected.Image removed by redactieADHD for Dummies Michael o. FlanaganUitgeverij Strong & Jeff Pearson isbn 90-430-1095-2

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