Detox Tips

Pamper yourself: cleanse your body while showering with a brush with which you scrubt your whole body. Use every now an then a good scrub gel or a mixture of dead sea salt with water. By your body to exfoliate, cleanse your body: your greatest gif secreting your skin. Work from your feet upwards in the direction of your heart (save your face and chest about), so do you remove dead skin cells and improve your blood circulation and you promote the flow of lymph fluid that drains waste.For your face: give yourself a ” facelif ” with a nutrient eimasker. Take 1 egg and 1 tablespoon sunflower or olive oil and mix well together. Massage with this mixture the skin of your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and your skin feels baby soft again.Spoil your liver: on an empty stomach in the morning Drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. This do you do your body a huge favor. Detoxing your liver is your most important organ. Everything you eat and drink is processed by your liver. Your liver works through the night to cleanse your body and with a glass of water with lemon juice help you than your body to complete the detoxification. Therefore a day drink about 8 glasses of water. Get off to a good start: Drink quietly.Remove the pressure of the boiler: Detoxifies your agenda. Walking all appointments that you have to take every month by. There are agreements between where you make no sense at all in é cht or feel good about? Try them to say. People you don’t feel good about life or yourself, eat your energy. You will see that when you go, your agenda will get you more energy detoxifies. Think carefully about you and the people you know that wants to bring. You can also detoxify your House take a good by a big spring clean and make your House free of clutter.Rest well from: Sleep gives your body the chance to have a ” spring cleaning ” to keep track of your most important organs. Sleep is good for your health. In the first hours of ” rinse ” your sleep hormones your body clean. Try in any case around 21.30 to lie in your bed, you will probably not immediately fall asleep, but then relax your anyway. If you feel sleepy during the day, listen well to your body. Your body will naturally take a rest at that time. And a NAP does wonders for your energy level. Feel not guilty if you just an hour during the day goes flat.A clear look: Chamomile works for a calming of tired eyes. Use cooled kamillethee bags as a compress on your eyes or make yourself a poultice of: 1 drop of Chamomile oil on 1 glass of hot water and dilute this with cold water until you have about 1 liter of Chamomile have water at body temperature. DEP in this large cotton pads. Spread a little eye cr è me around your eye sockets (not on your walls or eyelid), lay the compresses to your eyes, allow yourself 15 minutes rest and enjoy.In case of emergency: try a mini vastkuur: eat 24 hours (almost) nothing and forget about meat, cafe ï ne and nicotine for one day. Beginning with 18.00 and then drink only water or green tea (!). Eat only raw vegetables the next day (for example: cauliflower florets, tomato, carrot, paprika) or fruit for breakfast. You have already some 14 hours your stomach not jam packed and you think I already feel much better. Drinking up to the light lunch (salad or clear soup) is only going to get water. Round off your day with an easily digestible dinner. For example, a nice piece of fish with a fresh salad. Would you like more helpful hints for in your everyday life to detoxify? Please read the booklet DETOX, which is also a very nice gift to someone booklet, by Elisabeth Wilson. Detoxify Yourself or the book ‘ total ‘ by Jane Scrivner. This book goes even deeper into the cleanse and detoxify your life and body. I advise you in any case off getting a violently detox diet to follow. Better is it that you just adjust your lifestyle so you are kind to your body every day.DETOX Elisabeth Wilson ISBN 902154337-0 9024380561 total detoxify Yourself Jane Scrivner 12.95 ISBN: 19.95

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