The Complete Home Guide.

In this book are all useful tips that were provided by readers and advice on 432 pages brought together. The fun, easy-to-use red book with hard cover, is packed with practical advice for in-and around the household. All topics are listed in alphabetical order and are so, and through the keywords registry, easy to search. The book protrudes almost out of the thousands of (environmentally friendly) tips to help you in and around the House could save hundreds of dollars. In addition to tips as: * how to make tough ä ckebr ö kn d weather crunchy, using olive oil for household chores and a complete file on lime lime problems and the solutions, you might find in ‘ the Complete Household, for example, a guide from A to Z ‘ spots and cleaning Guide, tips for how and with what to canning and a section on energy and the environment. The many useful tips are by over 10,000 readers of the newspapers section given and are easy to understand and follow. It is surprising and fun to read how people used, in time for the spots solvers and (af) washing machines, a domestic ” problem ” solved. So it seems also to be a perfect anti burdock yoghurt for your hair, green SOAP is a magic bullet and make you ribbroeken beautiful by a washcloth with salt … apart from the many tips, there are also websites mentioned for more information on specific topics. This makes the book ‘ the Complete Home Guide ‘, with tips from grandmother time to now, indeed a whole Complete Home Guide. Image removed by redactieEmile Bode-the Complete Home Guide ISBN 7Uitgeverij Bzztoh 90453-0400-15.00 * Stop

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