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Charles John Dickens (1812-1870), appears in the records as the greatest English author of the Victorian era. He started his schrijverscarri è re as a journalist. Later, he wrote stories, which often first as serials in various magazines were published. His great fame began with the feuilleton ‘ The Pickwick Papers ‘ (1936). The work of Dickens is characterized by colorful characters, a strong story line, tension and a healthy dose of humor! \ ‘ \ ‘ is about an orphan boy Oliver Twist that just a lot of bad luck in his life. Wherever he ends up, he is always used or abused by the most colorful people. Sometimes he luck and take people who just are good for him and the best with him for it. There is, however, a person who absolutely want to avoid, that is his true identity behind Oliver. The story is well told, with no exaggerated emotions and sentiment. The complicated plot comes in this operation very well to z \ ‘ \ n law. \ ‘ A Christmas Carol ‘ needs no introduction, I think. Everyone knows the legendary story about the unusual Christmas night of the old miser Ebenezer Scrooge, in which he visited by 3 ghosts of Christmas. Each year is to see this story somewhere on television, in various designs. This BBC film adaptation, however, remains very close to the original and tells the fascinating story exactly as Dickens it ever intended. Oliver Twist \ ‘ \ ‘ consists of 12 episodes of a half an hour, spread over two dvd’s and \ ‘ A Christmas Carol \ ‘ stands on the last dvd, also divided into episodes of a half an hour. However, the episodes are on the DVD scenes, which can somewhat confusing. Next to this box is last month \ ‘ A Christmas Carol \ ‘ \ ‘ and also released this month follows los Oliver Twist \ ‘ also. Do you like classic film adaptations with funny English accents, and former Victorian costumes against the background of an attractive 19th century London, then this box very good value for money. Image removed by editor Charles Dickens Oliver Twist DVD-box: \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ A Christmas Carol and total walking time: 420 minutes. Issued by:

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