The Merchant of Venice

the story takes place in Venice in the 16th century ë, and revolves around the poor nobleman Bassanio (Joseph Fiennes), who would like nothing better than the beautiful, rich and noble Porzia (Lynn Collins) to marry. Therefore, he asks his rich friend Antonio (Jeremy Irons) to lend him 3000 ducats. Antonio agrees, but because he has put all his money in merchant ships, which sail still at sea, they are forced to the rich Jewish moneylender Shylock (Al Pacino) to approach.

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Shylock that as a Jew is, precisely because the men who hurt him need now, sees an opportunity for revenge. He gives the loan, but on the condition that Antonio guarantees Bassiano. If the amount on time relays, Bassiano he will the money on Antonio stories. If not then entitled to a pound of flesh from the heart zone of Antonio’s body. While Bassanio woos his beloved Porzia, sinking the cargo ship of Antonio. The Merchant of Venice is to see in Dutch cinemas from 5 January. See also the website.On do you make this week risk free tickets and a book of The Merchant of Venice. To have a chance, let us know what your favorite Shakespeare book is and why. This action is now closed. The winners will be announced in the announcements forum.

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