Max Factor Colour Perfection Shimmers

Colour Perfection lipstick Shimmers is a based on an innovative gel that keeps long hours. Even your lips super soft by. Silver shine particles increase the radiant shine. ” A smokey look is been ” says Noriko Watanabe. She worked with Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst and Lucy Liu. ” Shiny colors fit everyone, but you need to know where and how to make them aanbrangt. With too much gloss on the wrong place, such as too close to the eyes, accentuate your irregularities and that’s not good for your complexion. Never insert any shine to on parts that what may be swollen. Keep the skin there reasonable not to accentuate to fatigue mat lines and puffiness. Also, use no shine on parts of the face where fast sweat gems such as on the forehead and upper lip. Shine comes into its own on cheekbones, sleep and collarbones. ”

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For shining eyes has Noriko also get some tips. ” Bring only what shiny metallic eye shadow to the middle of the eyelid or a matte color. For dark skin are bronze shades, such as Inca Bronze (Max Factor) the most beautiful. Fade them with your finger for a gentle glow. To make the eyes even more radiant white eyeliner can be applied to the edge of the eye. White eyeliner mer a blue gloss makes the eyes more open. ”

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The Limited Edition Colour Perfection Shimmers is available starting this month in shades of Cocoa Shimmer Shimmer, Shimmer, Ruby Shell and Violet Shimmer and is only temporarily for sale at drug stores. The tip of Noriko ” take for a light skin Shell Shimmer, for olive skins are strong colors as Ruby Shimmer and Violet Shimmer Shimmer is the most beautiful and the most suitable for Cocoa Brown skins ” . We believe the lipsticks at least great. Just a pity that they now be released until January, because they had it with their glittering silver particles in our great

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